Top 7 health benefits of dill leaves or suva bhaji

Top 7 health benefits of dill leaves or suva bhaji

Dill leaves are packed with various essential nutrients that help in maintaining overall health.

Dill leaves, known as in Hindi (shepu in Marathi) is a green, leafy vegetable that is loaded with various nutrients like calcium, magnesium, ironand flavonoids. Commonly used in soups, salads, pickles and other dishes, this leafy vegetable has a unique taste and a distinct flavour. Dill leaves are low in calories and high in nutrients, which have been widely used since ancient times for its amazing medicinal properties. Here are 7 reasons you should include dill leaves in your diet:

Protects from infections

Polyacetylenes, compounds present in dill leaves, which are known to exert anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory activity. In ancient times, dill seeds were applied on wounds to prevent infections. Monoterpenes and flavonoids present in these leaves inhibit microbial growth and protect the body from free radicals, thereby preventing many health complications.

Helpsin digestion

Apart from being used as an appetizer, dill leaves are known to stimulate peristaltic motion (passage of food) of the intestine which in turn improves functioning of the digestive system. Many research studies have shown that the seed extracts of dill exertsprotectiveeffect on the gastric mucosa (stomach lining). This herb is also widely used as an effective herbal remedy for heartburn.

Lowers blood sugar levels

Dill leaves contain an essential oil known as Eugenol, which has far-reaching therapeutic use in treating various diseases. Several research studies have proved that this herb lowers blood sugar levels and insulin resistance in people suffering from diabetes.

Induces sleep

The presence of flavonoids and B-complex vitamins in dill leaves make it a perfect natural remedy for insomnia. This leafy vegetable exerts a calming effect on the brain and the body by activating the secretion of various hormones and enzymes responsible for a good night s sleep.

Maintains hormonal balance

Being loaded with flavonoids and other essential nutrients, dill leaves are known to stimulate secretion of hormones which play a key role in regulatingmenstrualcycle. Research studies have proved that increased intake of dill leaves increases blood levels of progesterone hormone thereby stabilizing irregular periods and acting as an anti-infertility agent.

Exerts heart-protective effect

Dill leaves are known to act as a powerfulcardio-protectiveagent, due to their ability to lower blood cholesterol levels in the body. This natural herb not only reduces blood levels of LDL (Low densitylipoprotein bad cholesterol) and triglycerides but also improves HDL (high densitylipoprotein good cholesterol) levels in the body.

Prevents osteoporosis

Being one of the best plant sources of calcium, dill leaves not only prevent bone loss but also strengthen bones. Regular consumption of these leaves (as a part of diet) prevents osteoporosis caused due to calcium deficiency.

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