Soya masala/ soya chunk masala curry/ soyabean masala/ soyabean ki assan sabji recipe.

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Here is a easy and simple step by step photo instructions and video of how to make this delicious and easy Soyabean masala / soya chunk masala Recipe at home.

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Soyabean / soya chunks is very nutritious food. Its full of protein and rich in fibre. Its a great substitute for Non veg foods. Soyabean is considered as super food. since we consume almost every product and its by products. Soya chunks are easily digestable food and it can be made with varieties of spices and procedures. So in todays recipe we are mainly focusing on the north Indian type curry recipe of Soya bean. Easy to make and super tasty.


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Calorie Chart

Amount Per – 1 bowl 230 g

Calorie – 196 cal

Total Fat – 2.1 g

Total Carbohydrate – 20 g

Protein – 24.65 g

🕔 : Prep Time: 10 minutes

🕛 : Cook Time: 20 minutes

🥣 : Recipe Servings: 4 person.



1. 2 cups soya nuggets

2. 1 large onion

3. 1 large tomato

4. 10 garlic cloves

5. 1 inch ginger

6. 4 green chillies

7. 1 tsp turmeric powder

8. 1.5 tsp coriander powder

9. 1.5 tsp cumin powder

10. 1/2 tsp black pepper powder

11. 2 tsp kashmiri red chilli powder

12. 8 tbsp refined oil

13. 2 bay leaves

14. 1 inch cinnamon stick

15. 3 green cardamoms

16. 5 cloves

17. salt as required

18. 1.5 cups of water

19. 1 tsp kasuri methi

20. 1/2 tsp garam masala powder

21. coriander leaves for garnishing



– First we will take a grinding jar and add 10 – 12 garlic pods. 1 inch ginger, 4 green chillies and 1 large chopped tomato. And grind everything nicely.

– Now we will add 1 tsp tumeric powder, 1.5 tsp coriander powder, 1.5 tsp cumin powder and 2 tsp Kashmiri red chilli powderfor rich red colour. And 1/2 tsp black pepper powder. Add a little water and mix well. Let the masala soak for 10 minutes.


– Take a frying pan and add 4 tbsp refined oil and heat it. Then add 1 large onion julienne. Fry it till brown. Do not over fry it. Once done keep it aside and cool it. Then grind it nicely.

– Add 1 tsp oil in the pan. Add 2 cups of soya nuggets and fry till light golden on medium flame. Add 1 glass water and mix it and cover the pan and cook it for 5 minutes on medium flame.

– After 5 minutes, stir it and again cover it and let it cook for 2 minutes on medium flame. Keep it aside and dont squeeze it.


– Now again Add 4 tbsp of refined oil in a frying pan and heat it and add 2 bay leaves, 1 inch cinnamon, 3 green cardamom, 5 cloves. Fry it for a minute.

– Time to add the powder masala that we Soaked. And add a little water. Fry it until the oil separates.

– Now add grounded tomato paste we prepare earlier. Also add1.5 tsp coriander powder, Fry it. And then add the fried onion paste. Add fry everything for 1 minute.


– Now add the soya Nuggets. And mix it with the spice gravy nicely. Add salt as per taste. Fry for 3 minutes.
Add 1 n half cup of water. Simmer it for 5 minutes on low flame.
– After 5 minutes stir the soya nuggets and again simmer it for 2 minutes on low flame.
– Add 1 tsp Crushed Kasuri Methi. Simmer itagain for 1 minute. Time to add ½ tsp of garam masala. Thrn off the flame and cover it for 2 minutes.

– Our Soya Masala is ready to serve Hot. Serve with Roti, Paratha or rice.

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Soyabean, रेस्टोरेंट स्टाइल सोयाबीन की सब्जी। Restaurant Style Soya Curry | Soyabean Ki Sabji

Soyabean, रेस्टोरेंट स्टाइल सोयाबीन की सब्जी। Restaurant Style Soya Curry | Soyabean Ki Sabji
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Doston aaj hum bilkul Restaurant style m soyabean ki sabji banayenge ye bhot hi tasty banti hai. Aap ise jarur try krna ☺
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1 Cup 250 ml
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1 Tsp 5 ml
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soya bean recipe
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