13 easy south indian dinner recipes | 13 best south indian dinner recipes

South Indian Dinner Recipes: After a long and hectic day of work, dinner is an important time of the day when we get to relax and unwind with our family and friends. If your idea of a good meal is making that extra effort to dig out interesting recipes and stir up a lip-smacking meal, then trying different cuisines must be welcomed too. How about traditional South Indian recipes to lift everyone’s spirit? South Indian cuisine is a favourite across the country, with little eateries in various corners serving pillowy soft idlis, crisp ghee dosas, tangy sambar, spicy rasam, lemon rice, puliyogare and the like. Something about the taste of each of these dishes that you crave for it every once in a while. And if you can’t really find an eatery in your neighbourhood to suit your taste buds, you can always dish them out at the comfort of your own kitchen.

Cooking South Indian food can be quick and easy if you pick the right dishes. Not all need laborious efforts with enormous varieties of spices and ingredients. Some home-style dishes can be prepared with just a handful of ingredients. But if you want to put in that little effort to create traditional dishes, we present our 10 best South Indian dinner recipes to help you get started. From Malabar Fish Biryani and Chettinad Chicken to Avial and Okra Pulusu, you can go all out and try popular dishes from the different South Indian regions. Satisfaction guaranteed!

Here are 13 South Indian Dinner Recipes You Must Try: 

This classic Malabar Fish Biryani is a dinnertime treat. Enjoy the delicious taste of this ever-charming dish made with aromatic spices and seer fish.Tender, flavourful and delicious, this biryani is a must try. 

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Fish cooked in spices layered between rices and flavoured with coriander and mint leaves.

A spicy and lip-smacking dish where steamed rice is tossed with a tangy tamarind based pullikacchal masala along with crunchy peanuts. There, we saw you slurping! 

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Also called as Kovil / Temple Puliyodharai, Puli sadam and Puliyogare in Kannada.

Okra in tamarind gravy or Bendakaya pulusu is a popular dish in Andhra Pradesh. Okra is fried in mustard seeds and soaked in a rich tamarind sauce that makes it sour and tangy.

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Okra (lady finger) is called as Bendakaya in telegu, while Pulusu is a stew that is made often in Andhra homes

A Mangalorean Chicken Curry. Succulent pieces of chicken cooked in finely ground fresh coconut with spices. Serve with Neer Dosa or Nool puttu.

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A delectable chicken curry with the flavours of coconut, coconut milk and tamarind.

Avial is a traditional South Indian dish from Kerala. A thick mixture of vegetables like drumsticks, potatoes and carrots are cooked in coconut oil and mustard seeds. Serve it with red rice.

A salad made of cooked vegetables, seasoned with coconut paste, curry leaves and coconut oil.

Venture into the heart of Andhra Pradesh to unearth a cuisine which is reputed to be the spiciest of all! This spicy Andhra mutton curry is sure to be the highlight of your dinner spread. 

A spicy lamb curry with the distinctive taste of it main ingredient gongura or sorrel leaves.

This curry recipe boast about the delicate flavors of coconut that are a perfect complement to the taste of the prawns. Prawns are cooked in coconut oil with a spicy tamarind gravy. Make the most of this dish by serving it over a bed of rice alongside garlic naan. 

Prawns cooked in coconut oil and dunked in a spicy tamarind gravy, Mangalorean style.

8. Kerala Mutton Stew

Kerala stew is a mildly spiced preparation made with meat/vegetables and coconut milk,popularly served as an accompaniment with appams.

Succulent chunks of mutton simmered in delicate southern flavors of coconut milk, curry leaves, cinnamon etc

Bisi Bele Bhaat is a traditional dish from Karnataka made with rice, lentils, vegetables and coconut. It is similar to a khichdi.

Bisi Bele Bhaat or Bisi Bele huli anna is one of the traditional karnataka recipe, prepared in almost every kannadiga’s home.


This is one of the best chicken recipes you may have tried yet. Bring some magic to your plate with chicken cooked in some peppery authentic chettinad paste laced with coconut and onions.

While Chettinad Chicken goes perfectly with Dosa or Appams, it tastes equally good with Parathas and even plain boiled rice.

11. Instant Rava Dosa

It is instant, it is delicious and you can hardly ever go wrong with it. This paper crisp dosa takes only 30 minutes to prepare. Team it with piping hot sambhar and coconut chutney and you have a winner!

This paper crisp dosa takes only 30 minutes to prepare.

12. Peerkangai Kootu

Peerkangai (ridge gourd) kootu is a dish hailing from Tamil Nadu. This rich lentil-based dish combines goodness of moong dal and ridge gourd. It’s a great accompaniment with rice and rasam. It also goes well with rotis.

13. Kozhikodan Biryani

Biryani lovers raise your hand! Kozhikode also known as Calicut is a city in Kerala, and one of the most loved dishes from Calicut is Kozhikodan Biryani. Rice cooked with chicken in a pool of rustic spices and topped with boiled eggs. An meaty and delicious treat you just cannot say no to.

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Rice cooked with chicken in a pool of rustic spices, this biryani is a winner! 

South Indian dishes are not just delicious, but also very easily digestible. It can be easily said that it is a perfect blend of flavor, color and taste and also takes care of the nutritional balance. Now that you have the top 13 south indian dinner recipes, get going with that alluring and authentic south indian platter for your next meal.

10 Easy & Tasty Dinner Ideas (South Indian & Vegetarian)

10 Easy \u0026 Tasty Dinner Ideas (South Indian \u0026 Vegetarian)
Here is the collection of 10 different south Indian style dinner recipes which are easy to cook and simple. Not only that it is tasty but also healthy dinner options especially if you are looking to cook something different other than the regular dosa, idli, chapati. Having said that, the most important point is that dinner recipes have to be light and simple and preferably not rice/nonveg/khichdi or biryani.
check out these collections and give me more of your south Indian dinner ideas (Light and simple) in the comments below.
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