बिना तेल के आटे से बनायें यम्मी नाश्ता healthy breakfast recipe

Maharashtrian snacks | Maharashtrian nashta recipes |

Maharashtrian Snacks, Maharashtrian Nashta recipes. What strikes your mind when you think of Maharashtrian cuisine? A riot of flavours? A plate of steaming hot misal pav with rassa or deep-fried batata vada with dry garlic chutney? From Kanda Poha made using the most basic ingredients available on our kitchen shelves to an exciting medley of masala in Mini Bhakarwadi , they have an endless range of foods to offer. 

Kanda PohaKanda Poha

Maharashtrian Snacks, Nashta which are also had as Breakfast

Batata Poha, Sheera, Upma, Sabudana khichdi is consumed by 75% of Maharashtrians in bigger cities as breakfast. Batata Poha has a universal appeal amongst youngsters and elders alike. Everybody has a reason for loving this delicious snack – its wholesomeness, convenience, enjoyable flavour or unique texture.

Quick Upma is one of the most common Breakfast items, all over India. It is a quick preparation using common ingredients, and so it can be made without much ado. Made from rava, you can also make it healthier by adding a lot of boiled veggies like carrots, beans, potatoes, tomatoes and peas along with the semolina when cooking.

Upma, Quick Upma Recipe, Breakfast UpmaUpma, Quick Upma Recipe, Breakfast Upma

Sabudana khichdi is a perfect food for those on a fast or vrat – but generally wiped off by others in the family who are not on a fast also, because it is so irresistibly tasty! Its also well known as a faraal food. The chewy texture and starchy taste of sabudana is so beautifully complemented by the nutty flavour of coarsely powdered peanuts, and balanced by the tangy lemon juice, making this khichdi soothing.

Sabudana KhichdiSabudana Khichdi

Methi Thalipeeth recipe is a traditional savoury flatbread made using multi-grain flour. It is a nutritious breakfast option often served with thecha, pickle or curd. 

Maharashtrian dry snacks

In the interiors they have Bhadang Murmura which is made of puffed rice perked up with garlic and green chillies and Dashmi Roti a sweet preparation made using jaggery. These are some popular food for those who travel by train or go on picnics. 

Kolhapuri Bhadang Murmura, Spicy Puffed Rice Chivda RecipeKolhapuri Bhadang Murmura, Spicy Puffed Rice Chivda Recipe

Maharashtrian snack combinations

Green Chilli Thecha with bhakri is an all-time favourite Maharashtrian snack, and this chutney-like dish is often prepared in small batches and stored in the refrigerator for 2-3 days. Try this Red Chilli Thecha with bhakri also.

Green Chilli Thecha, Hirvi Mirchi Cha ThechaGreen Chilli Thecha, Hirvi Mirchi Cha Thecha

Maharashtrian Faraal Snacks

You can make a faraal-friendly Sabudana Thalipeeth with sago, potatoes and coarsely crushed peanuts. We have used a dough of sabudana and mashed potatoes perked up with peanuts, green chillies and other flavour-givers. When flattened and cooked on a tava, you get a crunchy, tasty and filling Sabudana Thalipeeth.

Whole Wheat Roti ChivdaWhole Wheat Roti Chivda

Maharashtrian Jar Sanacks, Nashta

Diwali is incomplete without preparing Faral at home. Air-tight containers are stocked up with sweet and savoury snacks and served to guests on this festive occasion. Shakarpara is a sweet titbit made with milk, sugar, ghee and flour. They are found in savoury variants too. Jada Poha Chivda is a popular Maharashtrian jar snack. The assortment of sweet, salty and nutty flavours and a wondrous blend of textures makes it a delicious snack.


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सुबह की जल्दी मे पोहे बेसन की ऐसी नयी रेसिपी आपने कभी नही खाई होगी एकबार देख लेगे अभी बनाएगे,nasta

Published on 8April, 2021
hello everyone
to Aaj aapki Sarika Lekar aayi Hai,pohe se bahut hi healthy tarike Ka nya nashta ekadam majedar banta hai aur sath hi bahut hi Aasan bhi hai,ghar ki basic chijo se aap ise bana sakte hain, iske sath banaenge Hari chatni ekadam special tarike se,Aisi chatni aapane Aaj Tak Kabhi Nahin Banai Hogi to Jarur Se Ek Bar Banaye, aapko definitely bahut hi Pasand Aaegi bacchon Ko Bhi acchi Lagti Hai.aur is recipe ko aap choti moti party mein snacks ke Taur par bhi bana sakte hain bahut hi aasani se to Jarur se dekhiae poha Besan ki ye nayi recipe.
मेरे दूसरे चैनल को भी SUBSCRIBE जरूर करे.👇
तो आज आपकी सारिका लेकर आई है पोहा बेसन की बहुत ही हेल्दी तरीके का यह नाश्ता,एकदम आसानी से बन जाता है घर की बेसिक चीजों से और इस रेसिपी को बनाकर आप किसी भी छोटी मोटी पार्टी में परोसें, बहुत ही ज्यादा अच्छी लगती है साथ ही बनाएंगे एक बहुत ही स्पेशल तरीके की हरी चटनी जो आपने शायद ही कभी ट्राई की होगी एकदम मजेदार बनती है किसी भी स्नेकस के साथ ही यह चटनी चल जाएगी तो जरूर से बनाये एक बार|
Let’s See The Ingredient List

Fattened rice1cup
Gram flour 1/2cup
Curd 4tbsp
Water 4tbsp
Green chilli 2n
Onions 1n
Carrots 1n
Coriander leaves 2tbsp
Sesame seed 1tsp
Salt as per taste
Kitchen King masala 1tsp
Crushed peanut 2tbsp
Cumin powder 1tsp
Ginger garlic paste 1tsp
Coriander leaves 1cup
Garlic 4cloves
Ginger 1inch
Green chilli 3n
Capsicum 2tbsp
Salt as per taste
Sugar 1/2tsp
Curd 1tbsp
Oil for frying
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